RV Holidays – The Pioneering Spirit

The Wild West days saw the birth of the American pioneer, and even today, with the vast expanses of such a huge country, we can still pack our saddle bags and ride off into the unknown. While the horse and saddle provided the essentials back then, the modern pioneer is equipped with a vehicle that is totally self-sufficient, and is fitted with all the mod cons one would expect in the 21st century.

The Modern RV

As is with all things, the RV has been constantly developed and refined to the point where it is now no larger than a family car, and yet it sleeps four adults with comfort. Fully equipped with a functional kitchen, a fridge, and a spacious dining area, it is the ideal vehicle for a pioneering trip into the wilderness. GPS ensures you don’t get lost, and with a DVD & MP3 player, entertainment is on tap. If you are already convinced and wish to start the ball rolling, there are affordable RV rentals in Las Vegas, which would make the perfect starting point.

A New Level of Comfort

Until a few years ago, a self-driving holiday came with a level of discomfort, which was very much par for the course, and while that has an appeal of its own, modern vehicles make the journey so much more comfortable. Upon opening the rear hatch door, you are confronted with a fully functional kitchen, complete with a butane gas double burner, and with an external dining table, you have a choice of the spacious interior or eating under the stars.

A Level of Planning

Of course, one could rent a campervan and just head off into the sunrise, as our ancestors would have done, yet with downtime being so precious, it makes sense to plan your route. The rental company would have a wealth of information about local attractions, including some special places that only the locals know about. This means you won’t be wasting hours driving along roads that lead to nowhere, and your precious downtime will be well spent.

Bring the Family Together

In our normal daily lives, we see each other for a short time every day, and those magical family moments are few and far between, and by taking the family on a self-driving holiday, you will create a special bond that will benefit the family in more ways than one. Sharing the travel experiences will make all your family members feel they are all part of the same unit, and by sharing the tasks, everyone takes on a level of responsibility.

The Open Road

If you are feeling really adventurous, why not just see where the road takes you? Often, an unplanned vacation ends up a lot more fun than if you had meticulously planned everything, as long as you have the right vehicle, you will not want for anything.

If the wide open spaces of unspoilt America sounds appealing, there are online suppliers of the right vehicles, and with a little planning and a sense of adventure, the holiday of a lifetime awaits!