The Different Kinds of Car Batteries

There are several different kinds of car batteries. Obviously, they come in different sizes and capacities for different types of vehicles, but they are also designed for different purposes. For example, the battery for a large truck is going to be larger than the battery for a small two-door vehicle. The engine of a large vehicle is much larger and takes more energy to turn it over. Also, there are more electrical requirements for a larger vehicle so it requires more power. However, there are also batteries for vehicles that you don’t drive very much, vehicles in cold areas, and so on.

How They Work

Car batteries work because they are wet cell batteries. A wet cell battery is one in which the battery cells, the parts that actually hold the charge, sit in a bath of battery acid. The acid helps preserve the cells and prevent them from losing their charge. It’s not absolutely perfect but it works well enough. When you turn on the lights or turn the key, it delivers energy to your vehicle where you need it. If there is some kind of leak in your battery, it could leak battery acid until there is nothing to store and conduct the electricity. In those cases, you might be able to keep your battery alive for another day or two by filling it with distilled water. You should not do this if you’ve never done it before. If you’ve never done it before or if you’re just ready to fix the problem, you can find a cheap car battery replacement from Roadside Response.

Getting a New Battery

If you know that your battery is dead or dying, you should seek out a supplier as soon as possible. However, some people miscalculate how long their batteries still have left or they just don’t have time to get new batteries. If you are a very busy person, you might not have time to buy a new battery. Roadside Response can actually come to you wherever you are and replace your battery.

The Different Batteries

The acid in your battery can slowly evaporate and the charge can slowly dissipate. If you’re trying to start your car but you haven’t started it in a very long time, you might have a hard time. That could be because it no longer holds enough charge. If you do not drive your car very often, this could happen often simply because you do not recharge it often enough; driving recharges your battery. If that’s the case, you need a deep cycle battery. If you are headed somewhere cold, you might need a battery designed for the cold. These different batteries are only a few of the different kinds of batteries that are available. They are available from quality retailers to serve different purposes. You should consult with professionals to make sure you buy not only the right class and size of battery but also the right battery for your purpose.

An appreciation of the differences ensures that you get a great battery.